Keys to Successful Communication in your Marriage!

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Successful communication in our marriage is something every married person desires. At times it can feel as if it is unattainable. Especially when emotions are high! However, we have two phrases that are key to successful communication in your marriage!

Phrase #1

Help me understand

“Laura, help me understand why you threw out that last piece of pie.” There is going to be some tension there when I have been thinking about that piece of pie all day long, then I come home to find it in the trash. 

“It had mold on it.”

If that’s her response, then I guess instead of getting upset, I will thank her for saving me from eating moldy pie. 

“Honey, help me understand why you’re angry and it feels like you’re angry at me?”  

“I’m sorry. I’m not angry at you, we just lost a big client at work today and I feel responsible.” 

Using this one simple phrase can de-escalate rising emotions in a matter of seconds.

Phrase #2

Do you know how (blank) made me feel?

“Do you know how what you said about my dress made me feel?”  

There are only two answers. Yes or no. My guess is his response will be no, which will allow you to tell your husband how his comments made you feel like the dress was ugly, and thus you felt ugly in it!

It is difficult to read some of the subtle nuances that drive the feelings of our spouse. Talking about it with words that de-escalate the situation, and help you communicate through the issue.

Communication is a struggle in every marriage. We know! It has been a struggle in ours. However, we put ourselves through a process that helped us in our communication and many other areas of our marriage. We would love to share this process with you and set you on a path to taking your marriage to the next level.  







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