Navigating Love's Adventure

The Transformative Power of

Marriage CoachingĀ 

Ā Can we take a moment to talk about something that's near and dear to our hearts? God has a specific purpose for your marriage! Celebrate Your Marriage Coaching is designed to unclutter the busy and discover the purpose for your marriage.

Picture this: a dedicated guide walking alongside you and your spouse, helping you navigate the twists and turns of your unique love story. Celebrate Your Marriage Coaching is like having your own personal cheerleaders, equipped with the wisdom, insights, and tools to help you build a solid foundation and keep the flames of passion burning bright. It's about investing in the most important relationship you'll ever have and discovering the depths of intimacy and connection that are waiting to be unlocked.

So let's embrace the adventure, because with the right coaching, your marriage can soar to new heights you never thought possible. Get ready for a journey that will transform your love story into a legendary tale of joy, resilience, and unbreakable unity!

Discover Your Purpose


Our coaching provides simple steps to help you discover the purpose of your marriage. Meet with your coaches, Jay and Laura Laffoon, from the comfort of your own home.


Our coaching provides a practical plan to move you towards the purpose of your marriage. This proven program will give you a custom plan unique to you and your spouse.


Our coaching provides you the passion to enact the plan NOW.  It is on point to the needs and desires of your marriage.  Uniquely designed and personalized for you and your spouse.

Meet Your Coaches!


Are you ready to take your marriage to the next level?

Our coaching will allow to walk away with a customized plan to take your marriage to the next level! You and your spouse will have the necessary steps to re-imagine your marriage. 


Let's Go!
"Jay and Laura were so great to work with!  Their intentional approach to building and equipping married couples as well as their kindness & sense of humor, are just a few of our favorite takeaways from this experience.  My wife and I finished our coaching sessions feeling challenged to grow and pursue each other in new ways.  We would highly recommend them for couples in every season of life.  Jay and Laura are mightily used of God and truly called to this ministry.  Invest in the future of your marriage! "
~ Rick & Angela


Do ANY of these sound familiar?

  • We never have time to TALK anymore.

  • SEX life?  What sex life?

  •, we FIGHT a lot!

  • It's like we're ROOMMATES that feed and clothe little people.
  • Why is there so much month left at the end of the MONEY?
  • We really need to spend more time with GOD.


    If any of these sound like you and your spouse, then Celebrate Your Marriage Coaching is perfect for you!

"Our marriage is our favorite part of life, but everyone needs a coach. Micheal had a coach, Lebron has a coach, even Muhammad Ali had a coach. Our 10th year of marriage is upon us, and we are still learning, still growing and continually striving to do God's will for us.  When we were given the opportunity to sign up for coaching, we never even hesitated."
~ Gail 

Celebrate Your Marriage Private Coaching


$3000 value

  • 6 one on one Zoom coaching sessions with Jay & Laura
  • Access to Jay & Laura via email to walk alongside you
  • Weekly email encouragement and tools to grow your relationship
  • A customized plan for your marriageĀ 
  • A digital workbook to guide you through the course
  • Tool sheet of fundamentals to keep you on track
  • Booklist targeting specific marital issues
  • LIFETIMEĀ access to the curriculumĀ 

Celebrate Your Marriage On-line Coaching Course


$300 value

  • 6 on-line and on-demand  teachings from Jay & Laura
  • A customized plan for your marriage 
  • A digital workbook to guide you through the course
  • Tool sheet of fundamentals to keep you on track
  • Booklist targeting specific marital issues
  • LIFETIME access to the curriculum 

"After our coaching time culminated, we had many new tools to use, we had a solid goal and a plan to achieve those goals. We look forward to whatever lay ahead for our marriage"

~ Nate

Celebrate Your Marriage Private Couple Coaching

Our personalized program will give you a purpose, a plan and a passion for your marriage.


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