Navigating Love's Adventure 

The Transformative Power of

Marriage Coaching 

Can we take a moment to talk about something that's near and dear to our hearts? God has a specific purpose for your marriage! Celebrate Your Marriage Coaching is designed to unclutter the busy and discover the purpose for your marriage.

Picture this: a dedicated guide walking alongside you and your spouse, helping you navigate the twists and turns of your unique love story. Celebrate Your Marriage Coaching is like having your own personal cheerleaders, equipped with the wisdom, insights, and tools to help you build a solid foundation and keep the flames of passion burning bright. It's about investing in the most important relationship you'll ever have and discovering the depths of intimacy and connection that are waiting to be unlocked.

So let's embrace the adventure, because with the right coaching, your marriage can soar to new heights you never thought possible. Get ready for a journey that will transform your love story into a legendary tale of joy, resilience, and unbreakable unity!


Choose your coaching option below and learn more about transforming your marriage!


Private Couple Coaching

This option is a Zoom based, private, one on one customized coaching with Jay & Laura. 

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Small Group Coaching

This option is Zoom based for your small group, life group, discipleship group with Jay & Laura.

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Online Coaching 

This option is on-line. Each session is taught by Jay & Laura, and available at your convenience.

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