Words to Live By!

Jan 06, 2022

Our words to live by in 2022!


Words can motivate. Words can remind you. Words can hurt. Words can be encouraging. Jesus often encouraged his disciples to listen to his words, not to forget his words, to obey his words. Words are powerful! Words can be life giving!


Choosing words for the new year has no magic power. It is simply a way to remind us of a thought we don’t want to forget as we begin each new year. A thought to motivate us in our marriage. A thought to spur us forward each day. 


TEAM is my word for 2022 to remind me that Jay and I are a team first and foremost. So often, we allow jobs, families, ministry, activities, etc to overtake our life and crowd out the most important person in our life (besides Jesus). TEAM is to remind me that we are each other's biggest fan. Marriage has a way at times of pitting us against each other rather than working together. Life has a way of tearing us, as individuals, down and discouraging us in our abilities. Our spouse is our biggest encourager, supporter, and fan! I need to remind myself daily, that Jay and I are partners, encouraging each other, and acting as a TEAM!


PRESENT is Jay’s word for 2022. Life is hectic. Schedules are crammed packed. Moments seem to be fleeting. Memories are precious. PRESENT is now, the immediate. In the midst of a hectic life and crammed packed calendar, taking time to just be in the moment is what he most needs to remember.  When the plan for the day gets interrupted with some unforeseen challenge or distraction, remembering to just breathe and be in the moment is the reminder he needs.


Words to live by in 2022!

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