When is the last time you had a night out?

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When our life is out of balance, everything suffers! Our relationships. Our health - physically, mentally, emotionally. Our work. Our kids. Balance in our life is crucial to every aspect of our life. But how do we maintain balance when life moves so fast we can hardly keep up?

We have to focus on the basics! In the next few weeks, our blog is going to focus us back on the basics so we can get back in balance! Athletes have this mindset, " If I play well, I will live well". In actuality, if we live well, we will play well. It is important for us all to create healthy work life balance.

Today, we are going to focus on our relationships. When our life is out of balance, our relationships tend to be the first to suffer.

  • " My wife will understand if I need to work late." 
  • " I will make it to my kids basketball game next week"
  • " I really need a weekend away alone"

We all think that those who love us the most will understand when other things take priority and they, our loved ones, take a backseat.

Your spouse and your kids need to come before your work, your friends, and your extracurricular activities! An easy way to make sure this happens is to create two jars: a date night jar and a family activity jar. 

  • DATE NIGHT JAR: Using a mason jar and some popsicle sticks, you and your spouse each write out date nights on the popsicle sticks. What activities would you like to do on a date. Then each week or month ( however often you date) take turns picking a stick out of the jar and that is your date!
  • FAMILY ACTIVITY JAR: Similar to above, each family member writes out activities that would be fun to do. Take turns picking activities each week or month. 

Get your relationships back in balance by spending time with those you love!

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