What makes a strong marriage?

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What makes a strong marriage? Money? Sex? Kids? Mutual respect? 

A strong marriage is achieved when  you and your spouse act as a team. It’s critical to operate as a team on all levels. Here are some tips for operating as a team:


T talk about what needs to be done

We take time every Sunday night and discuss a plan for the week. This includes meetings we may have, school events that need attending, chores around the house that need to get accomplished, exercise and meal plan for the week.  We also divide up responsibilities for the week. Who is picking up kids? Who needs to shop for groceries? Getting on the same page makes your week go easier and you both know what is ahead. 


E expectations will go unmet, deal with it

Plans will fall apart! Just because you make a plan doesn’t mean that life won’t happen! We have to remain flexible and realize that sometimes things will have to change. Operating as a team means that you understand that each of you has part to play but sometimes we need to step in and help our teammate out.


A always forgive and move on

Scripture says that we forgive others so that WE might be healed. Holding a grudge can only hurt your relationship. When harsh words are spoken or expectations go unmet, remember that your spouse is human and for the sake of the team, forgiveness is critical.


M make it about we not me

That old cliche still works - there is no I in team. Operating as a team means we use words like we us and our vs. me and mine.

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