Veggies and Tupperware!

Jan 18, 2022

The beginning of every new year brings the onslaught of setting resolutions and goals, building new habits into your routine, striving to make monumental changes…it can all be exhausting!


Mental and verbal statements of what will be in the new year! “ I am going to drink more water.” “ I am going to run a 5K.” “ I am going to put down my phone and spend more face to face time with those I love.” The mind games go on and on and on!


The desire to change and make better choices is a good one. But the struggle to do it is real! 


Before the new year even began, Jay and I decided we needed to eat more fruits and vegetables. Good choice. We started a garden 2 summers ago and that has been great for eating more vegetables but not so much in the winter.  Fruit is easy to eat in the summer months as well but winter can be a challenge. 


Our doctor told us that we needed to have 5 servings of fruits and vegetables everyday ( the impetus for the choice we were trying to make). That would amount to 2.5 cups in a day! We thought we were doing great if we had one meal with either fruit or vegetable, and certainly not 2.5 cups!


As with any desire to start something new, the question is HOW? 


We are not experts on making good choices or how to maintain them but here is our experience in making fruits and vegetables a part of our daily routine.


  • Start and take it one day at a time
    • We made a plan that involved going to the grocery store every other day to get fresh fruits and vegetables. After bringing the fruits and vegetables home from the store we cut them up right away and kept them out on the counter where we could see them.
  • Get what you need that makes it work for you
    • The plan above worked except we found that the fruits and vegetables did not exist well on the counter and spoiled rather quickly. A friend had a tupperware container that held fruit and vegetables on ice. I scoured Amazon and found one. It was not cheap but it was worth it! This Tupperware container has enabled us to get MORE than our daily need of fruits and vegetables.
  • Do it together
    • Doing something together, makes you accountable and makes it easier to achieve the goal.
  • Give yourselves a high five after 21 days!
    • It takes 21 days to develop or change a habit so stick to it!


Whatever habit you and your spouse decide you need to develop or change this year, GET SET and GET STARTED! 

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