Valentine Gift Guide!

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Valentines Day finds many husbands and boyfriends befuddled as to what to gift the woman in their life! OR Valentines Day sneaks up on many men and then they run to the closest flower shop to get the last of the flowers in the store! We are here to help you gentlemen! Here is Jay & Laura's Valentines Day Gift Guide!

1. Flowers are okay but why say " I didn't''t know what to get you."

2. Chocolate is fine but every man does chocolate! 

3. Jewelry is a great idea but what if you get the wrong size or color or style or brand?

4. Lingerie...let's be honest, That's a gift for you!

5. Dinner out? Only if you do all the planning like making the reservations and securing the babysitting

Take it to the next level and get her something heartfelt! A personal love note. 20 minute back or foot rub with no hidden agenda. Take a long walk. Do the dishes and clean the kitchen. A framed picture of the two of you.

Valentines isn't about money, it is about expressing love to you wife in a way that she hears it! 

Happy Valentines Day!



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