The Impact of Parenting Styles on Marriage!

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Parenthood is a beautiful journey filled with joy, challenges, and love. However, it's not without its hurdles, especially concerning parenting styles. The way couples choose to raise their children can have a profound impact on their marriage. Over the next few weeks, we'll explore how parenting styles can influence marriage and discuss strategies for couples to find a harmonious balance that works for both them and their children.

Let's begin by understanding different Parenting Styles.

Before delving into how parenting styles affect a marriage, it's essential to understand the various parenting styles that couples may adopt:

1. Authoritative: Authoritative parents set clear boundaries and expectations while nurturing their children. They encourage independence and open communication. Jay and I did this at times! We had boundaries for the kids especially as they reached the teen years. Curfew was 9:00 PM on a school night and midnight on the weekends, Exceptions were sports they were involved in and job hours. However, we could discuss special events as they happened. 

2. Authoritarian: Authoritarian parents are strict, with little room for negotiation. They emphasize obedience and discipline. I, Laura, think of my dad when I read this style. I always said about him that if he said the grass was blue then the grass was blue!

3. Permissive: Permissive parents are lenient and indulgent, often avoiding confrontation. They prioritize their child's desires and preferences. This is the parent that would rather be their child's friend as opposed to their parent. Jay would say this is my parenting style! Only because I always wanted to be the fun parent! 

4. Uninvolved: Uninvolved parents are distant and disengaged from their children's lives, providing minimal guidance and support. I am sure we have all interacted with this parent and hope it isn't us!

As you read this, you probably already identified with one and saw another that describes your spouse. I think we have one particular style that is d but I also think we can move in and out of different styles based on our children and the stage of life they are in.

Discuss with your spouse your parenting styles. Join us next week as we discuss how this impacts your marriage and some tips for balancing your parenting style and your marriage!

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