The Art of Communication in Marriage!

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Hey there, friends! We're excited to share some insights from our recent episode on the Marriage Talk podcast. We dove deep into the topic of communication in marriage, and let's be honest, it's a subject that can make or break a relationship. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let's get into it.

The Importance of Daily Communication

One of the key takeaways from our conversation was the importance of daily communication. We're not talking about the "Did you take out the trash?" or "What's for dinner?" kind of chats. We mean a dedicated 15 minutes of uninterrupted conversation every day. This simple habit can be a game-changer in your marriage. It's like putting a piece of paper on the trust pile every day, and before you know it, that pile grows into a mountain of trust and understanding.

The Danger of Superlatives

We've all been there—those heated moments when words like "always" and "never" slip out. These superlatives are like little nuclear bombs that can derail any meaningful conversation. The truth is, nobody "always" or "never" does something. These extreme words suck all the oxygen out of the room and can be devastating to your spouse. So, the next time you find yourself reaching for these words, take a deep breath and choose your words more carefully.

Fighting Fair vs. Fighting Unfair

Arguments are inevitable in any relationship, but how you argue matters. Using unfair tactics or saying things that you know will cut deep is like taking a divot out of your spouse—you're literally taking a chunk of flesh out of them. And the sooner you can repair that, the better. It's crucial to explore why you're so angry and what's really bothering you. Is it something your spouse did, or is it something else entirely? Take a timeout, go to your separate corners, and reflect. This introspection can help you come back to the conversation with a clearer mind.

The Common Courtesies

It's strange how we often reserve our worst behavior for the people we love the most. Simple courtesies like saying "thank you" or "I appreciate you" can go a long way in a marriage. Yet, we typically neglect these basic manners with our spouses. Don't take each other for granted. Make it a point to express gratitude and appreciation regularly. It not only strengthens your relationship but also sets a positive example for how to treat others in your life.

The Hangry Phenomenon

Ever heard of the term "hangry"? It's when you're so hungry that you become irritable or angry. Sometimes our miscommunications stem from discomfort or basic needs like hunger. Before jumping to conclusions or lashing out, consider what might be the underlying issue. Are you tired? Are you hungry? Addressing these basic needs can often diffuse a tense situation.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of a healthy marriage. It's not just about talking; it's about listening, understanding, and responding in a way that builds trust and intimacy. So, our parting advice to you is to make that 15-minute daily conversation a non-negotiable in your relationship. Trust us, it's a small investment with huge returns.


We hope you found this conversation as enlightening as we did. Don't forget to check out our next episode, where we'll be discussing conflict resolution, another crucial aspect of a successful marriage. Until then, keep talking and keep loving! 

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