The #1 predictor of divorce...

Mar 21, 2023

People think it's money or family or communication, but it's not!  The #1 predictor of divorce?

The habitual avoidance of conflict.  

In order to have a healthy work/life balance we need to understand that conflict plays a significant role. Why?  Because when we conflict it shows we CARE!  Avoiding conflict is a sure fire indicator that we don't care anymore.  

We all know that the opposite of love is NOT hate, it's APATHY!  As a result, we need to be thankful when we conflict because it means we care.  And when we care we can move toward compromise and figure out how to best manage the ups and downs of marriage and create a healthy work/life balance.

Here are two phrases that have helped us during conflicts over the years.

#1.  Help me understand...

#2.  Do you know how _________made me feel?

These two phrases with help you conflict fairly and move toward a healthy work/life balance!

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