Not Name but Memories!

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Marcos and Meg’s two-year-old daughter Alex is just becoming more aware of her surroundings. She’s starting to recognize where she is and what meaning places hold.

An interesting thing they’ve noticed is instead of remembering names like the grocery store, gas station or restaurant, she remembers each place by what they did together there. That’s the place we buy our food, that’s where we get gas, that’s where Daddy works.

Each place they frequent on a regular basis has some memory attached to it. That’s how she knows where she is. That’s how she orients herself to her world.

A child doesn’t remember names and titles. Meaning is attached to her memories; to the events and experiences, they enjoy as a family. Your child is not going to remember if they had all the coolest experiences other kids have had, but they will remember the time you spend with them.

Fill your life and their little lives with quality time as a family, and they will have a rich, memorable childhood.

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