Love your spouse with all FIVE senses!

Feb 14, 2023

God gave us five great gifts when he gave us our five senses:  hearing, touch, taste, smell, and sight! We use these five senses everyday, why wouldn't we use them to strongly communicate love to our spouse? 

Your spouse need to HEAR you say I love you! We have yet to find the person who says, " My spouse says I love you way too much!" Say it lovingly. Say it cheerfully. Say it seductively, Say it with exclamation. Just say it!

Your spouse needs to FEEL you say I love you! Human touch is one of the most powerful senses on the planet. Remember when you first held hands with your spouse? It about sent you through the roof! The connection that touch brings is irreplaceable.

Your spouse needs to TASTE you say I love you! What does your spouse taste when you kiss them? Your last cup of coffee? The garlic from your Italian dinner? Or crisp clean fresh breath? Kissing is touch to the tenth degree and how we taste when we kiss our spouse communicates the depth of our love.

Your spouse needs to SMELL you say I love you! Fresh baked bread. Newly cut grass. The air after a rain shower. Smell evokes emotion. Take the time to show how much you love your spouse  by smelling your best as often as possible.

Your spouse needs to SEE you say I love you! Unfortunately, time has a way of turning a gaze into a glance. Instead of long loving looks at each other, life has a way of creating hurried looks. The eye is the window to the soul. Love your spouse by letting them see your soul!

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