Let's Get in the Car!

communication emotions intimacy love marraige experts marriage marriage advice messy relationships relationships experts sex staying in love Jul 09, 2021

Code words. Do you and your spouse use code words? 


We have several code words. If we are in public and the conversation is getting awkward or some is sharing too much information, one of us will say, “It is nice we’re having weather.” That is code for let’s change the conversation. At night, when we are showering, if one of us says, “Are we shaving tonight?” That is code for “Hubba, Hubba, Hubba!”


We recently have created a new but critical code word! The global pandemic threw a huge monkey wrench into our ministry. We travel the country and gather people. That came to an abrupt end.  We didn’t understand it at the time, but our travel helped keep us on the same page.  


Working from home, had us going in many different directions. “I can’t write today; I need to do finances.”  “I have a phone call to make, I cannot look at that email.” “Did you send out those books?” “I thought it was on your list to do?” The list goes on and on…


A few weeks back, we were traveling to Detroit to do an in-studio radio interview, promoting our latest book. It felt like old times traveling to Detroit, only no plane ride was involved. We had the most productive 2 hours that we had had in months! Why? Because we were both focused on the same task. As a result, whether in our personal life or professional life, if one of us feels we need to get on the same page, we simply say, “Let’s get in the car”!


It might not be “let’s get in the car”, but you and your spouse need a code word that will help get you and keep you on the same page.

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