It's not how smart you are...It's HOW you are smart!

Mar 15, 2023

Developing a work/life balance requires us to understand that your spouse has intelligence that needs to be both honored and utilized for the benefit of your relationship!

Growing up, if a person was good at reading, writing and arithmetic, they were considered intelligent.  If you weren't good at reading, writing and arithmetic you were considered not intelligent. This unfortunately is NOT TRUE!

Then along came Howard Gardner, a psychologist, who, in 1983,  proposed there are actually 8 different types of intelligences.  Each of these intelligences are needed to have a functioning society and likewise a happy marriage!

The key is to defer to your spouses intelligence.  For example in our house Laura is not good with numbers.  In fact she claims to be a "Math-nostic" and does not believe math even exists. As a result she defers to my mathematical intelligence when it comes to budgeting.  

Here's a free online Multiple Intelligence test.  Take it and have your spouse take it too and discover how you can defer to each other's intelligence and build a better work/life balance as a result! 

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