How 20 & 72 can improve your intimate life!

Mar 28, 2023

For women, when all is right in her "world" all is right in the bedroom.

For men, when all is right in the bedroom all is right in his "world".

Did God cruelly create us to live at opposite ends of the spectrum or lovingly made us to "need" each other!  We focus on the later in order to create a healthy work/life balance.

Some women don't like sex because they are married to men who simply aren't good in bed or are selfish.  Fellas, it takes the average woman 20 minutes to become sexually aroused.  That's 20 minutes of a foot rub or a back rub of kissing with NO HANDS!  In that 20 minutes she can "declutter" her mind and put to rest all of the issues she's currently facing.

Ladies, the average man needs sexual release every 72 hours...that's right every 3 DAYS. I'll never forget when one of our younger employees came to us and asked why her husband was so irritable in recent days. we asked how long it had been since they were intimate....she shook her head and said "a while".  We told her to go home and "bless" her husband with an evening of intimacy. 

She came running up to us the next Sunday in church and said... "Is it really that simple?" Her efforts had produced a much less grumpy husband.

Intimacy takes work but remember 20 minutes and 72 hours will help keep your work/life balance in order!

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