Do you sometimes feel as if your life is out of balance?

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Does your life feel like a circus? Are you running around trying to catch all the balls that are flying through the air? Or maybe you feel as if you are the only one on a teeter totter? Your end is on the ground and there is no one to sit on the other side to balance the teeter totter out. Or maybe you are walking a tightrope and have no safety net incase you fall?

Balance: "a state of equilibrium. Mental steadiness or emotional stability, habit of calm behavior or judgement".

Equilibrium: "a state of balance or rest due to the equal action of opposing forces".

It does not take much to get our lives out of balance and thus our relationships. We spend too much time at work thus sending our home life out of balance. Our home life gets out of balance thus effecting out marriage. Our marriage gets out of balance thus sending our work life out of balance. Do you see how each area of our life effects another and eventually our entire life?

You are constantly coming home late from work and when you get home, there is still work to be done on the computer. That takes priority. Your spouse needs your help with dinner and kids but you are working on your computer and texting your boss with an answer to  his question. You miss dinner and time with the kids. WHEW! Now you are done working and can spend time with your spouse but they are not too happy with you bringing work home every night! You have a big argument and go to bed angry. The next morning, you both leave for work, still angry. You get to work and cannot focus because you know things are not right at home. How did things get so crazy? 

We all struggle with work life balance! The scenario above is not gender specific! Male and female, husband and wife, we all struggle to maintain the balance. Over the next several weeks, we will share with you 5 benefits to maintaining work life balance. If you feel out of balance, stay tuned! 

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