Butt Dust?

Apr 04, 2023

When our daughter was 4 she wanted to sit in "Big Church" with the adults.  We outlined how she would need to behave and what our expectations were for her. Low and behold she actually did quite well in "Big Church".

One Sunday our pastor preached an intense sermon on how we are on earth for a "breath" of time in the scope of eternity and that we are but a spec of dust in the expanse of the universe.  However, in spite of these truths God still loves us. Powerful!

At the conclusion of the service we all stood as the pastor raised his hands to issue the benediction. As he did he said "Oh Lord...even though we are but dust..." then he paused and our daughter without missing a beat whispered "Daddy what's Butt Dust?"

We don't know where you are in your Faith walk, but we want to encourage you to look to Jesus "the author and perfecter of our faith".  As you look to Jesus, strive to be more like Him and He will bring you peace as you strive for that work/life balance.

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