Balancing Act: How a Busy Life Can Affect Your Marriage and How to Navigate It- Part 2

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When you said "I do", you thought (or at lease I did) that marriage was going to be a blissful, never-ending date! We would go on long walks, romantic picnics, movies every weekend, and spend Saturday mornings in bed reading and drinking our coffee.....Stop the movie trailer! The wedding is over and life begins. 

 Between demanding jobs, kids schedules, maintaining a home, and other responsibilities life leaves little time for rest and relaxation. This can lead to exhaustion, burnout, and irritability, which can put a strain on the rmarriage. Leading a busy life can add significant stress to a marriage, and a to a lack of quality time together.

Last week, we tackled how busyness leads to a lack of communication in a marriage. This weeks topic:

Stress and Lack of Quality Time

One of the biggest ways that a busy life affects a marriage is by causing stress and a lack of quality time. When both spouses are busy with work, children, etc., they may find it difficult to find time for each other. This can lead to feelings of loneliness, frustration, and disconnection. Moreover, when a couple is under stress, they may argue more frequently and struggle to communicate effectively.

In addition, the lack of quality time can also lead to a decline in intimacy and affection. When a couple is not spending enough time together, they may begin to feel distant and disconnected. This can cause a lack of physical and emotional intimacy, which can have a significant impact on the relationship.

One would think that a couple that works together, would have no problem in this area. NOT TRUE! Even though Jay and I work together, the busyness of life still creeps in. We find that we spend so much time with work, that we have to be intentional to do other activities that do not involve work. 

When couples do not spend enough quality time together, they may miss out on opportunities to strengthen their bond. Shared experiences, such as going on vacation, trying new activities, or simply spending time talking and laughing together, can help couples build a stronger emotional connection. When couples do not have these experiences, they may find it more difficult to weather the ups and downs of life together.

In order to combat this stress and lack of time together, couples must prioritize quality time. Even if it's just a few minutes a day, make sure that you are connecting with each other on a regular basis. Take a walk, or sit down to a cup of coffee together, We have friends that put the kids to bed and then cook a dinner for two - once a week.

 Be creative, Be Intentional. Most importantly, prioritize quality time together.Make an effort to be fully present during the time you do  spend together, plan special activities or trips together, and carve out time in your schedules for each other. With these strategies in mind, you can maintain a happy and healthy marriage, even in the busiest of times.

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