Legalization of Gay Marriage

We have to write this. We fight for marriages, including our own, everyday. However, our take on this ruling might not be what you think. Here are some of our observations about the legalization of gay marriage: God was not surprised by this ruling; grieved yes, surprised no. His plan for marriage has been under attack […]

Keep Young Adults in Church

Keep Young Adults in Church

If you haven’t seen the stats then the following might surprise you:  According to leading Christian pollster George Barna up to 59% of children raised in Christian homes will leave the church permanently or for an extended period of time.  Instead of dissecting “why” this is happening, we’d like to give you 3 strategies that […]

Do you have any tips for bringing emotional balance to a marriage?

As humans created in God’s image, we have emotions. Emotions are great when they are well balanced. However, there are times when our emotions get in a frenzy and we need to begin seeking emotional balance.

Seeking Emotional Balance

Seeking emotional balance is not always easy, but we do have a few tips for you. The first one is to count slowly to ten and take deep breaths in between each number. For the rest, you will have to watch #JLTV

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