The Ultimate Date Night!

Music, Comedy, and Fun for Couples! 


Have you ever tried to describe marriage to a single person?

You can’t.

It’s a mystery and it’s called the Wonder of Love.

The Ultimate Date Night Wonder of Love Tour with Jay and Laura Laffoon is a 90-minute comedic look at this thing called Love.  Using their unique blend of music, comedy and Biblical truth the Laffoons reveal 6 different ways to grow love in your marriage!

Couples will walk away with a renewed love for their spouse and practical tools to continue building the love in their relationship.

We understand life can be hectic, and we know how hard it is to intentionally plan time to date as a couple. That’s why we love hosting The Ultimate Date Night!

At The Ultimate Date Night not only will couples engage with their spouse through laughter and music, they will  be energized and inspired by thought-provoking content. And in the end, will come away from the experience with practical tools they can use immediately in their relationship.

So why not take this opportunity? We promise you and your spouse will enjoy a memorable night out and you’ll come away with ways to grow as a couple.

Take a night out with your love that will strengthen your marriage!


" We haven't laughed like that in years! Great entertainment wrapped up in marital truth!"
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Strengthen Relationships in Your Church with The Ultimate Date Night Show


"Jay and Laura had a profound impact on our community and our congregation. They were prepared, professional, funny and downright real."


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Dr. Gary Chapman

Author The Five Languages of Love

Jay & Laura have the unique ability to blend laughter and learning in a most effective manner. Their program is a great way to enrich your marriage and the relationships of couples in your church!

Kristine Klotzbach

Promotions Manager
95.5 The Fish, WHKW AM 1220 The Word, WHK 1420 The Answer

WFHM 95.5 The Fish/WHKW AM 1220 The Word in Cleveland have partnered with Jay and Laura Laffoon for 3 events in the last 18 months. Each event is a success and "A Blessing" as those who attend have said. They are a wonderful couple who have ministry in their hearts. The show is fun, engaging and enriching to those who attend. We highly recommend The Ultimate Date night with Jay and Laura Laffoon. You won't be disappointed.


Mick Baker

Executive Pastor, The Chapel

What a combination of humor and direct communication about the important elements of what makes marriage work! They were not interested in presenting how to make your marriage survive but rather how to make your marriage thrive!

Jay & Laura Laffoon 

Jay & Laura desire to help busy couples stay happily married for life. That is why they designed The Ultimate Date Night to be a 90 minute show that includes, comedy, music, and marital truth for couples. Jay & Laura can also customize a weekend experience for your audience that includes The Ultimate Date Night and more!

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